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Colour Analysis

Interested in finding your perfect colours? Get in touch with Stylesister today by emailing kath@stylesister.co.uk

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What's your colour tone?


When it comes to clothes and makeup the colours you choose to wear say a lot about you. There are colour tones that help to accentuate your chosen look, and colour tones that don't.


The trick is finding out which is which - and it's different for everyone. With Stylesister's colour analysis, I can help you find your ideal colours. You don't always need to make huge changes to make a big difference, I'll show you how you can make a splash with the right accessories. You'll get advice that you can trust and rely on.

"It's so lovely to have someone that is 'normal' that understands what 'normal' women want! Thank you!"

- Emma, Barnstaple