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Hello I'm Kath. In 2010 I qualified as a Style Coach™ with the Style Coaching Institute®, and I've been helping people just like you discover their own style ever since. I've worked in the beauty industry for over 10 years with a company that has expertise in creating ground-breaking beauty products for most of the cosmetic industry's major, international players.


Being surrounded by cosmetic products, images and models has accentuated my passion for working with others. It's my dream to enable everyone to create the best version of themselves - whether that's with fashion and styling, or cosmetics to enhance your natural beauty.


I believe that everyone can look good and feel great, no matter who they are or what their budget is. It doesn't even matter how young or mature they are.  I help my clients personally achieve this by getting to know them, tailoring their new look and wardrobe around their individual lifestyle.  

If you want to find out more about what a fully qualified style coach™ can do for you, please drop me an email on: kath@stylesister.co.uk

"Kath gives a very professional and interesting presentation.  During the talk to our ladies group she used several visual examples and gave our ladies an opportunity to chat to her on a one to one basis. A must speaker for any ladies group."


- Torridge Tuesdays, Appledore

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